PU Polyurethane hoses

Polyurethane hose, PU hose and Polyurethane flexible ducting hoses. 

SILVERPROM offer a comprehensive range industrial hoses and flexible ducting hose in Polyurethane. One of the key characteristics of polyurethane is its abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane hose, PU hose and Polyurethane flexible ducting hoses.

Polyurethane suction hose.Suction hose, suction hose,
Sleeve polyurethane for aspiration of 100-300 mm,Hoses for removing chips, sawdust,Hose for tyrsa, dust, sawdust, grain,
The sleeve is polyurethane for loading and unloading grain,Bulk hose
Ventilation hoses, sleeves, pipelines,Sleeves are ventilation, aspiration (PUR and PVC),Sleeve (hose) - catalog,Corrugation hose ventilating,Sleeve polyurethane for shavings,Sleeves for removal of shavings, sawdust, sleeves for sawdust,Corrugated hose for the extraction of sawdust, shavings,Sleeves for the extraction of sawdust chips,Sleeve polyurethane PU,Ventilation sleeves, polyurethane hose, hose for ventilation.